NPN Crowned 2023 Shopee Top Marketplace Seller

It is with great honour to announced that NPN has been awarded Shopee Top Marketplace Seller 2023 (Dining, Travel and Services Category) Winner! Our constant drive for excellence has paid off. Emerging on top to clinch the highest honour Shopee can give to a seller. NPN will continue to commit to strive for a greater success with our expertise and technological strategies played out in our ecommerce management. If you are looking to be a top seller on e-commerce marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee, you can reach out to us here:

31 Jan 2024

NPN and Oddle Partner to Streamline Restaurant Operations and Payment Processing

NPN supplies SUNMI Android payment hardware to Oddle, helping restaurants streamline payment processing and provide a seamless customer experience. This partnership allows restaurants to use an all-in-one solution that simplifies payment processing and enhances customer experiences, whether dining in or ordering online. The omnichannel platform is easy to use, and the SUNMI Android payment hardware ensures that payment processing is fast, secure, and efficient. Restaurant owners looking to enhance their payment systems and grow their business can contact NPN to learn more about how this partnership can benefit them.

27 Feb 2023

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Check Out Efficiency

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Checkout Efficiency

NPN, as SUNMI’s official distributor, provided Cheers with an upgraded POS kiosk system – SUNMI K2 Mini. Both working together to offer consumers even greater convenience and ease through a seamless shopping and payment experience. Not only does this innovation elevate the customer experience, but it is also another step forward in line with Singapore’s digitalisation efforts towards a Smart Nation.

10 Jan 2023

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain Management and Improve Efficiency

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain and Improve Efficiency

DB Schenker approaches NPN with the issue of needing logistics scanners that can help them eliminate their pain points for managing large amount of data and increase productivity and speed around their warehouse operations. As the official distributor of SUNMI, we have just the right IoT hardware for them and managed to streamline their supply chain management and use data to improve operational efficiency.

20 Dec 2022

Singapore Launch Retail Industry Transformation Map It is Time for Mixed Reality in Retail!

Mixed Reality in Retail – Singapore Updated Retail ITM 2025 Encourages Innovation

On 7th October 2022, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling launched the Retail Industry Transformation Map 2025 at the official opening of Castlery’s flagship store. SINGAPORE’S updated industry transformation map (ITM) for the retail sector will help Singapore brands go abroad, encourage new experiential concepts, position the country as a lifestyle hub for global brands, and groom local talent for quality jobs. This calls for NPN latest retail solution MR.retail (Mixed Reality) aim to encourage new experiential concept in the retail industry by delivering interactive and captivating MR/AR immersive experiences for their consumers. Allowing the real and virtual world to interconnect to mutually reflect and influence each other to enhance end-user and customer engagement that leaves an everlasting impression on your customers. Stay ahead in the retail game with MR.retail (Mixed Reality) solution. Interested to know how you can use Mixed Reality experiences for unique consumer experiences and shift your retail towards a digital-first business model? Have a chat with our MR expert!

11 Oct 2022

how is artificial intelligence AI changing retail analytics for physical stores

What Retail Analytics Can Do For Physical Stores? AI-Driven Offline Data

For decades, the most successful brands had known this by heart- that foolproof marketing strategies are all about when and how to engage potential customers in their purchase decisions. This is why more than ever, now is the time for the retail sector to leverage the latest advancement in technology; even with the increased competition, opportunities to thrive, grow and expand will remain viable for them. Imagine a world where data collected by AI (artificial intelligence) readily provides insights into retail space usage, footfall analytics, employee service behaviours and even shelving utilization in real-time. With real-time customer flow traffic data and live location data at your fingertips, you can now access instant information about anything from dead spots in the store to high-traffic areas as well as the link between your store layout and sales, enabling you to map the paths to purchase more effectively for sales. Connect with us if you are ready to leverage the best of what artificial intelligence has to offer and embark on this new exciting journey of endless possibilities. Let’s change the world together:

06 Sep 2022

npn crowned 2022 shopee top marketplace seller

NPN Crowned 2022 Shopee Top Marketplace Seller

It is with great honour to announced that NPN has been awarded Shopee Top Marketplace Seller 2022 (Dining, Travel and Services Category) Winner! Our constant drive for excellence has paid off. Emerging on top to clinch the highest honour Shopee can give to a seller. NPN will continue to commit to strive for a greater success with our expertise and technological strategies played out in our ecommerce management. If you are looking to be a top seller on e-commerce marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee, you can reach out to us here:

29 Aug 2022

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help Offline Retailers Survive in Tough Times

How Artificial Intelligence Can Provide Retailers with Offline Data

Is the business model of your brick-and-mortar retail store evolving fast enough to keep up with the needs of your customers who have grown used to the world of online shopping? The million-dollar question is- If you manage or are the owner of a physical store, are you ready to thrive in this digital age by engaging your consumers on a new level using fresh channels, novel storytelling and innovative ways to cater to their needs? If you are ready to embark on this new exciting journey of endless possibilities, connect with us. Let’s change the world together.

08 Aug 2022

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Isn't Mainstream Yet

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Isn’t Mainstream Yet

Why hasn’t Augmented (AR) Technology become a mainstream despite decades of existence? One of the most trending forms of digital transformation in retail tech today, the Augmented Reality (AR) Technology is not a new concept but it had remained relatively less-ventured until Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ushered in the Metaverse concept by renaming Facebook to Meta in 2021. In this article, we seek to understand the difficulties faced and summarized our conclusion into the following 5 reasons. With the development of hardware and software technology, we foresee AR Technology to be the next level of digital transformation and will inevitably gain wider use in retail tech. Perhaps the much-anticipated Apple AR Glasses will be the next window of opportunity. To know more about how our digital transformation and retail tech solutions can help your business, visit us at

07 Jul 2022

Role of Augmented Reality in Reshaping the Retail Industry

How Can Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Enhance Your Retail Business?

The COVID pandemic rocked the world in many aspects. Besides the health risks, we have also witnessed the rapid digital transformation of businesses as most retail businesses fought for survival by bringing their businesses online. This resulted in an irreversible change as the convenience of shopping online stays permanently. We strongly believe that the next level of digital transformation is in Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, where it has the potential to restore the glory of physical retail shoppers. Read in this article on how Augmented Reality (AR) Technology can help traditional offline retailers improve the retail experiences of consumers.

22 Jun 2022

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Singapore had a Culinary Delights Promotion at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 15-27 April 2022, where customers get to enjoy an exclusive promotion. This event was a success with the collaboration of NPN’s cutting-edge gift card system. Working in conjunction with NPN, WMF has successfully digitized one of their many marketing events. Utilizing NPN’s gift card system, WMF was able to create unique and interactive promotions that enhanced the customer experience and brought added convenience to the events. Additionally, NPN’s gift card solution allowed for a high degree of customisation, giving WMF the ability to create any type of promotion they desired.

15 Jun 2022

Kopitiam Turns To NPN For Help With Digital Transformation Retail Technology

Kopitiam Turns To NPN For Help With Digital Transformation | Retail Technology

As the official local distributor for SUNMI devices, NPN, a retail technology solution company is proud to be partnering with Kopitiam in their digital transformation journey. NPN is committed to helping businesses in Singapore digitise their operations and we are proud to be working with Kopitiam in their digitalisation journey. Read about how NPN accelerates digital transformation for Kopitiam by being the official local SUNMI POS device provider.

27 May 2022

Sea Limited Stock Falling and Can It Rebound

Why Did Sea Limited Stock Drop – Is Shopee Ecommerce Not Working?

What is going on with Sea? Is the company losing steam as the world is trying to live with Covid-19? Has it lost confidence of investors, taking their money to greener pastures? Does that spell trouble for Shopee? E-commerce platforms have provided many benefits to the world, including increased Internet accessibility, ease of transaction, a wide variety of products and tailored offers. The lack of physical presence and interaction constraints also makes online shopping more desirable than ever for consumers. While e-commerce businesses are growing in number, the entire e-commerce sector is facing serious challenges due to inadequate investment, lack of unique business models and creative ideas. In this article, our NPN team explores the current perspectives and solutions e-commerce platforms can use to be successful.

10 May 2022

Find Out Why Your Business Needs NPN’s Gift Card System

Digital gift cards have become the norm when it comes to virtual gift giving amidst the global pandemic, and the demand is expected to continue growing. If you’re looking to capitalise on this opportunity, now is the best time to do so. If you’re ready to work with NPN in helping you set up your gift card redemption system in Singapore, take the first step by contacting us today, or read our blogs to learn more about the other retail technology services that we provide!

04 May 2022

ShopeePay Teams With NPN To Offer Digital Payments At Retail Stores Around Singapore

ShopeePay Teams With NPN To Offer Digital Payments At Retail Stores Around Singapore

ShopeePay has partnered with NPN to be the official hardware provider for retail stores to accept ShopeePay digital payment and provide post-payment support services. Thanks to NPN insight, ShopeePay achieved a steady 43.5% uplift in payment transactions on an average month. Retailers have also witnessed a tremendous increment in their retail store traffic which helped grow their sales.

29 Apr 2022

Top Reasons Why NPN E-Commerce Management Solution Is The Best!

What Makes NPN’s E-commerce Management Solutions Better Than Other Companies

If you’ve been considering dipping your toe into the e-commerce business, or if you’re looking to enhance your current e-commerce store, then now’s the best time. However, with so many types of entries and solutions, it’s important that your company choose a reliable partner that can help propel your business to the top through experienced management solutions, such as those provided by our team at NPN. Continue scrolling to see why our team is a leading e-commerce service provider in Southeast Asia, and why we’re best suited to providing you with the solutions that you need!

18 Apr 2022

How The Metaverse Will Change Retail Experience

Is The Future Of Retail In Metaverse?

The Metaverse was unheard of for most people until few months ago. While the majority of the population is looking forward to what the Metaverse can offer, there are also controversial debates to how it can affect the society. Nevertheless, improving the link between the physical and virtual world is essential for a number of metaverse experiences, as retailers join the game. Join us in this article as we explore the 3 main levels of Metaverse and how retailers can use metaverse to enhance consumers’ shopping experience like never before.

11 Apr 2022

PM Lee-Singapore Travel Restriction To Be Lifted

Singapore to Ease Travel Restrictions – A Turning Point in the Economic Recovery: PM Lee

The announcement of the latest easing of travel restrictions is a significant turning point in the economic recovery. The lifting of the restrictions will allow firms to resume operations and restore their customer base. Especially for NPN, a retail technology company as we begun efforts to build on this travel demand on e-commerce with ‘NPN Travel’ store on Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10. Here are how NPN do it with technology!

01 Apr 2022

Grab Partners With NPN to Strengthen Digitalisation For Its Merchant Sales

NPN, a retail technology solution company, and Grab, a leading everyday superapp has establish a partnership aimed at digitalising Grab merchant sales operation in Singapore. As an official local distributor of all Sunmi android devices, NPN’s Sunmi Smart POS solution perfectly aligns with the partnership direction. Besides being the hardware provider for Grab merchants, this solution for Grab also includes a professional support team that carefully handles and provide merchant support from deployment of devices to training guidance for all onboarded grab merchants.

31 Mar 2022

Announcement-AB Named New Authorised SUNMI Distributor

AB, New Authorised Sunmi POS Device Distributor in Central and Eastern Europe

NPN, a retail technology solution company has been SUNMI official distributor for a few years now. It is with great excitement for SUNMI to also have joined forces with AB, allowing their customer to benefit from the full range array SUNMI products. A way to help offline retailers digitise their business which is one of NPN retail solution – SUNMI POS solution. With demand for retail offering going increasingly online, digital transformation has become increasingly important for companies. Read on more to learn how NPN SUNMI POS solution help retailers.

18 Mar 2022

Why NPN Retail Solutions Can Help Offline Retail Businesses

The Different Ways Retail Solutions Can Help Offline Retailers

The physical retail space is an extremely competitive and increasingly challenging place to be in. Inspiring and retaining employees, overcoming the introduction of new e-commerce businesses and even managing the increasing expectations of consumers continues to put many companies out of business, and continues to challenge those that remain. Our team at NPN has had a wide array of experience in providing Southeast Asian businesses with tailored solutions to their retail problems, such as through adopting retail technology. Read on to learn more about how NPN can help!

15 Mar 2022

Should You Care About Social Commerce

Social Commerce: What is this Next E-commerce Trend

Purchase made on social media is social commerce. When you have social media marketing and social commerce together, it gives you better marketing and sales conversion. Besides, influencer marketing also commonly operates on social media. This wave of social commerce may put businesses in the situation where its systems and operations are not ready to take on another selling channel and should digital transformation be able to help them overcome these barriers.

03 Mar 2022

Can Retail Brands Benefit From NFTs and The Metaverse

Making the Way into Retail Innovation: Is NFT the Next Big Thing?

Non-fungible token, or NFTs as they are affectionately known, are making waves in the online arena today. Apart from being embraced by fashion and beauty industries around the world, they are also making a fast and furious entry into digital arts and physical stores. Looking to include the NFT environment as one of your brand’s new distribution channels, or simply want to be part of the metaverse demographic? An NFT marketplace may be your gateway to this latest phenomenon! Learn about NFTs and how it is changing the retail landscape today in our article!

17 Feb 2022

NPN Broadens Esso Cheers Lifestyle and Games Product Selection

The partnership between NPN and Esso Cheers has been mutually beneficial, with each party providing the other with unique advantages. NPN’s digital transformation solutions have been essential in helping Esso Cheers keep up with the competition and stay relevant in the market. NPN provides a comprehensive retail solution that helps Esso Cheers add new products to their store quickly and easily, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

01 Feb 2022

How to Choose The Right Strategy For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia: What Is The Right Approach?

With demand for retail offerings going increasingly online and international, and with the increasing numbers, payment methods, and complication of transactions across multiple channels and regions, the digital transformation of retail operations has become increasingly important for companies wishing to tap into this online ecosystem and stay efficient and cost-effective. What are the challenges, and given the complexities of the region’s challenges and needs, what might be the right approach to implementing digital transformation solutions?

19 Jan 2022

Recap on Consumer Behaviour and Trends Till Today

From Past to Present: New Developments in Consumer Behaviours and Trends

COVID-19 is changing how consumers behave across all spheres of life. Being in control over their lives, breaking out of their confines to explore, engage and embrace novel experiences in both the physical and virtual worlds – consumers today are looking to flexible public and private spaces/brands which can match their flexible lifestyles and inspire consumer purchases in times of uncertainty. Understand what is consumer culture, including how technology advances, shifts in consumer behaviour, shifts in consumer trends, consumer behaviour in marketing, consumer behaviour changes, consumer needs, and beliefs can inspire powerful insights that drive your business today!

17 Jan 2022

NPN Gift Card Redemption System Helps SPH Promote 2021 Black Friday Campaign

This coming Black Friday campaign, SPH has teamed up with NPN’s gift card redemption system to make it possible to offer gift vouchers through newspaper media. Digitalising this year marketing campaign. This departure from the traditional method of announcing a promotion in the paper and telling readers where to redeem it is more convenient for readers, as they can easily access the information and use the voucher at the specific retail stores mentioned in the terms and conditions. In addition, the gift card system allows SPH to track redemption rates and better assess the effectiveness of its promotions, making it a win-win situation for both SPH and its readers.

25 Nov 2021

NPN Help Singtel Expand Into The Chinese Audience Through WeChat

NPN Help Singtel Expand Into The Chinese Audience Through WeChat

Singtel has partnered with NPN to help drive connections and grow their WeChat presence. In this WeChat official account, customers can purchase prepaid sim cards and even conduct prepaid mobile top-ups. Our existing partnerships with Singtel for their offline and online business model were a major factor in their decision to choose us. Our years of experience and expertise in the industry make us the perfect partner for Singtel to grow their WeChat presence and drive connections with their customers.

01 Nov 2021

NPN Awarded 2021 Lazada Top Seller (Digital Goods)

NPN Awarded 2021 Lazada Top Seller (Digital Goods)

It is with great honour to announced that NPN has been awarded Lazada Top Seller (Digital Goods) Winner! Our constant drive for excellence has paid off. Emerging on top to clinch the highest honour Lazada can give to a seller. NPN will continue to commit to strive for a greater success with our expertise and technological strategies played out in our ecommerce management. If you are looking to be a top seller on e-commerce marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee, you can reach out to us here:

01 Oct 2021

Ecommerce Success Story: Hear From NPN on Their Growth & Secrets

In an exclusive interview with Lazada, find out how NPN became one of the top e-commerce enablers in Singapore. Learn about our e-commerce strategy where we utilizes retail technology to help businesses and the e-commerce store management services that we offer to digitally transform your business to become the top seller on e-commerce marketplaces too.

02 Jun 2021

Ecommerce Store Managment Seller Service: NPN x Shopee

NPN Ecommerce Solution highly specializes retail technology that provides an e-commerce strategy that enable merchants to grow their businesses online hassle-free. Our marketing and technology powerhouses consistently drive sales and establishing new norms for online digital goods. Dominating the digital goods category on E-Commerce Marketplaces. Read on to find out more on what e-commerce store management services we can offer.

20 May 2021

How Different Forms of Digital Payments Can Change Your Business

PN has always prided itself in its ability to provide different solutions to aid the different needs businesses may have. We’ve heard from our retailers that one of their concern is the many different terminals they may need for the different types of digital payments as well as having multiple parties to settle with. NPN has the solution for this headache a retailer may have while also allowing them the flexibility to accept payments from multiple digital wallets. NPN’s N-play has multiple wallets such as Singtel Dash, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Grabpay, and most recently, Unionpay’s QR Payment.

06 Nov 2019

Self-Register Your Prepaid SIM Card with Singtel’s New EKYC SIM

Customers can now purchase a SIM card and do the registrations online, anytime of the day, in the comforts of their own home with the newly launched eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service. We are excited to announced that NPN will be Singtel’s e-commerce solution provider for their online e-commerce stores launch and store management services. Read on more to find out!

08 Aug 2019

New Retail New Experience – What is New Retail?

NPN, with over 10 years of experiences in retail technology businesses around Southeast Asia, we are confident that our understanding in new retail can help you and provide tailor-make retail solutions to each of our client’s unique needs for their business objectives. At NPN, we provide retail solutions for your retail digital transformation strategy to stay abreast of the competition. 

26 Jul 2019

Peace of Mind as GrabPay Integrates MyInfo into User Verification Process

This new integration and peace of mind that comes along with it would spur on a higher adoption rate amongst both end-users and merchants in time to come. NPN has rolled-out GrabPay and this option is available for all merchants onboard with NPN. If your business would like to part of this growing number of merchants to accept GrabPay (and many other e-wallets), contact us to find out more.

27 Jun 2019

Singtel Now Available on Lazada Official Store

Singtel has very recently announced their presence on ecommerce platform, Lazada, making it their flagship e-commerce store. The first amongst its competitors to penetrate into Lazada.This provides customers the flexibility of making purchases 24/7 and making use extra perks provided by Lazada such as 15 days change of mind, interest free instalment plans and even rebates from sites or programs Lazada has teamed up with such as LiveUp and Shopback.

18 Jun 2019

Why Your Business Should Start Offering Gift Cards

We’ve all had this struggle. We want to give our loved ones a gift, but what should we get? Do we risk buying something that’s fallen out of favour or do we give a practical but “impersonal” gift of cash? Implementing gift cards for your business doesn’t require some crazy scheme. You can simply order the actual gift cards from a provider such as NPN.

07 Jun 2019

3G May Phase Out in 2025

Singapore has plans to phase out 3G by 2025, businesses need to be ready for this hit! For shop retailers using POS device, if your POS device still runs on 3G, you need to make the switch now! Our Sunmi POS device and system software are the best in market right now. With the latest technology software and upgraded device for your retail business to continue without a fuss. Read more to find out!

29 May 2019

The Leading E-Commerce Mobile Shopping Apps in Southeast Asia

In today’s rapidly growing e-commerce world, mobile applications play an important role. Based on a report by Google and Temasek, there are more than 350 million internet users in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesian, Thailand and Vietnam. NPN has recognised this growing market on ecommerce platforms and have acquired a wide range of products from different industries and brought them online, offering a wide assortment of products for customers’ different needs.

16 May 2019

Singtel Launches All Digital Contract Free Mobile Plan Targeted at Millennials

Singtel launched its first solely contract-free, all-digital mobile plan on Monday, 25 March, targeted at millennials and digital natives. Called Gomo, an acronym for Get Out More Often, the plan offers 20GB of mobile data and 200 minutes local talk-time for $20 a month. NPN is proud to have been Singtel’s sole online channel distributor since the launch of GOMO Travel and we will continue to provide you with more of Singtel’s offerings via convenient online channels.

06 May 2019

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