NPN and Oddle Partner to Streamline Restaurant Operations and Payment Processing

NPN supplies SUNMI Android payment hardware to Oddle, helping restaurants streamline payment processing and provide a seamless customer experience. This partnership allows restaurants to use an all-in-one solution that simplifies payment processing and enhances customer experiences, whether dining in or ordering online. The omnichannel platform is easy to use, and the SUNMI Android payment hardware ensures that payment processing is fast, secure, and efficient. Restaurant owners looking to enhance their payment systems and grow their business can contact NPN to learn more about how this partnership can benefit them.

27 Feb 2023

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Check Out Efficiency

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Checkout Efficiency

NPN, as SUNMI’s official distributor, provided Cheers with an upgraded POS kiosk system – SUNMI K2 Mini. Both working together to offer consumers even greater convenience and ease through a seamless shopping and payment experience. Not only does this innovation elevate the customer experience, but it is also another step forward in line with Singapore’s digitalisation efforts towards a Smart Nation.

10 Jan 2023

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain Management and Improve Efficiency

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain and Improve Efficiency

DB Schenker approaches NPN with the issue of needing logistics scanners that can help them eliminate their pain points for managing large amount of data and increase productivity and speed around their warehouse operations. As the official distributor of SUNMI, we have just the right IoT hardware for them and managed to streamline their supply chain management and use data to improve operational efficiency.

20 Dec 2022

Announcement-AB Named New Authorised SUNMI Distributor

AB, New Authorised Sunmi POS Device Distributor in Central and Eastern Europe

NPN, a retail technology solution company has been SUNMI official distributor for a few years now. It is with great excitement for SUNMI to also have joined forces with AB, allowing their customer to benefit from the full range array SUNMI products. A way to help offline retailers digitise their business which is one of NPN retail solution – SUNMI POS solution. With demand for retail offering going increasingly online, digital transformation has become increasingly important for companies. Read on more to learn how NPN SUNMI POS solution help retailers.

18 Mar 2022

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