Klook’s Augmented Reality (AR) Driven Summer Travel Interactive Promotion

NPN Tech has created an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) campaign for Klook. An AR Sky Effect that seamlessly blends the real and virtual worlds to create an unforgettable journey for travelers. Discover how this AR-powered marketing campaign is reshaping the industry, creating unique and engaging experiences that transcend traditional promotions. At NPN Tech, we are all about empowering brands to stand out through tech-enabled marketing solutions.

19 May 2023

Genki Sushi’s Jumbo Carnival Campaign Goes Innovative with NPN Tech’s AR Game Creation

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us, and NPN Tech is at the forefront of this innovation. Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with Genki Sushi to create an AR game that helped promote their new Jumbo Carnival campaign. Our AR game allowed customers to engage with the campaign in a fun and interactive way, making the campaign a huge success for Genki Sushi. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the AR game we created for Genki Sushi and how it helped their Jumbo Carnival campaign stand out.

26 Apr 2023

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Check Out Efficiency

NPN Upgrades Cheers POS System for Better Checkout Efficiency

NPN, as SUNMI’s official distributor, provided Cheers with an upgraded POS kiosk system – SUNMI K2 Mini. Both working together to offer consumers even greater convenience and ease through a seamless shopping and payment experience. Not only does this innovation elevate the customer experience, but it is also another step forward in line with Singapore’s digitalisation efforts towards a Smart Nation.

10 Jan 2023

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain Management and Improve Efficiency

NPN Streamline DB Schenker Supply Chain and Improve Efficiency

DB Schenker approaches NPN with the issue of needing logistics scanners that can help them eliminate their pain points for managing large amount of data and increase productivity and speed around their warehouse operations. As the official distributor of SUNMI, we have just the right IoT hardware for them and managed to streamline their supply chain management and use data to improve operational efficiency.

20 Dec 2022

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Singapore had a Culinary Delights Promotion at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 15-27 April 2022, where customers get to enjoy an exclusive promotion. This event was a success with the collaboration of NPN’s cutting-edge gift card system. Working in conjunction with NPN, WMF has successfully digitized one of their many marketing events. Utilizing NPN’s gift card system, WMF was able to create unique and interactive promotions that enhanced the customer experience and brought added convenience to the events. Additionally, NPN’s gift card solution allowed for a high degree of customisation, giving WMF the ability to create any type of promotion they desired.

15 Jun 2022

Kopitiam Turns To NPN For Help With Digital Transformation Retail Technology

Kopitiam Turns To NPN For Help With Digital Transformation | Retail Technology

As the official local distributor for SUNMI devices, NPN, a retail technology solution company is proud to be partnering with Kopitiam in their digital transformation journey. NPN is committed to helping businesses in Singapore digitise their operations and we are proud to be working with Kopitiam in their digitalisation journey. Read about how NPN accelerates digital transformation for Kopitiam by being the official local SUNMI POS device provider.

27 May 2022

ShopeePay Teams With NPN To Offer Digital Payments At Retail Stores Around Singapore

ShopeePay Teams With NPN To Offer Digital Payments At Retail Stores Around Singapore

ShopeePay has partnered with NPN to be the official hardware provider for retail stores to accept ShopeePay digital payment and provide post-payment support services. Thanks to NPN insight, ShopeePay achieved a steady 43.5% uplift in payment transactions on an average month. Retailers have also witnessed a tremendous increment in their retail store traffic which helped grow their sales.

29 Apr 2022

Grab Partners With NPN to Strengthen Digitalisation For Its Merchant Sales

NPN, a retail technology solution company, and Grab, a leading everyday superapp has establish a partnership aimed at digitalising Grab merchant sales operation in Singapore. As an official local distributor of all Sunmi android devices, NPN’s Sunmi Smart POS solution perfectly aligns with the partnership direction. Besides being the hardware provider for Grab merchants, this solution for Grab also includes a professional support team that carefully handles and provide merchant support from deployment of devices to training guidance for all onboarded grab merchants.

31 Mar 2022

NPN Broadens Esso Cheers Lifestyle and Games Product Selection

The partnership between NPN and Esso Cheers has been mutually beneficial, with each party providing the other with unique advantages. NPN’s digital transformation solutions have been essential in helping Esso Cheers keep up with the competition and stay relevant in the market. NPN provides a comprehensive retail solution that helps Esso Cheers add new products to their store quickly and easily, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

01 Feb 2022

NPN Gift Card Redemption System Helps SPH Promote 2021 Black Friday Campaign

This coming Black Friday campaign, SPH has teamed up with NPN’s gift card redemption system to make it possible to offer gift vouchers through newspaper media. Digitalising this year marketing campaign. This departure from the traditional method of announcing a promotion in the paper and telling readers where to redeem it is more convenient for readers, as they can easily access the information and use the voucher at the specific retail stores mentioned in the terms and conditions. In addition, the gift card system allows SPH to track redemption rates and better assess the effectiveness of its promotions, making it a win-win situation for both SPH and its readers.

25 Nov 2021

NPN Help Singtel Expand Into The Chinese Audience Through WeChat

NPN Help Singtel Expand Into The Chinese Audience Through WeChat

Singtel has partnered with NPN to help drive connections and grow their WeChat presence. In this WeChat official account, customers can purchase prepaid sim cards and even conduct prepaid mobile top-ups. Our existing partnerships with Singtel for their offline and online business model were a major factor in their decision to choose us. Our years of experience and expertise in the industry make us the perfect partner for Singtel to grow their WeChat presence and drive connections with their customers.

01 Nov 2021

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