is it really over for brick and mortar stores how can artificial intelligence AI help

How Can We Save Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores in this Digital Age?

In an average B2C e-commerce model, an online retailer is equipped with abilities like intelligent applications that have in-built consumer-preference tracking. Using algorithms powered by AI (artificial intelligence), e-retailers know what their customers are most likely to buy and which products to surface for them. Today’s average retail store is not designed to compete with robust eCommerce sites. Is your brick-and-mortar retail store evolving fast enough to keep up with the needs of your customers who have grown used to the intelligent world of online shopping? Instead of suffering under the mercy of the rising world of e-commerce, a winning strategy is to take the best of what artificial intelligence technology is already offering and beat the game with that. If you are a business who is ready to explore unlimited possibilities in this new era, reach out to us:

30 Aug 2022

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Singapore had a Culinary Delights Promotion at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 15-27 April 2022, where customers get to enjoy an exclusive promotion. This event was a success with the collaboration of NPN’s cutting-edge gift card system. Working in conjunction with NPN, WMF has successfully digitized one of their many marketing events. Utilizing NPN’s gift card system, WMF was able to create unique and interactive promotions that enhanced the customer experience and brought added convenience to the events. Additionally, NPN’s gift card solution allowed for a high degree of customisation, giving WMF the ability to create any type of promotion they desired.

15 Jun 2022

How to Choose The Right Strategy For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia: What Is The Right Approach?

With demand for retail offerings going increasingly online and international, and with the increasing numbers, payment methods, and complication of transactions across multiple channels and regions, the digital transformation of retail operations has become increasingly important for companies wishing to tap into this online ecosystem and stay efficient and cost-effective. What are the challenges, and given the complexities of the region’s challenges and needs, what might be the right approach to implementing digital transformation solutions?

19 Jan 2022

NPN Gift Card Redemption System Helps SPH Promote 2021 Black Friday Campaign

This coming Black Friday campaign, SPH has teamed up with NPN’s gift card redemption system to make it possible to offer gift vouchers through newspaper media. Digitalising this year marketing campaign. This departure from the traditional method of announcing a promotion in the paper and telling readers where to redeem it is more convenient for readers, as they can easily access the information and use the voucher at the specific retail stores mentioned in the terms and conditions. In addition, the gift card system allows SPH to track redemption rates and better assess the effectiveness of its promotions, making it a win-win situation for both SPH and its readers.

25 Nov 2021

How Different Forms of Digital Payments Can Change Your Business

PN has always prided itself in its ability to provide different solutions to aid the different needs businesses may have. We’ve heard from our retailers that one of their concern is the many different terminals they may need for the different types of digital payments as well as having multiple parties to settle with. NPN has the solution for this headache a retailer may have while also allowing them the flexibility to accept payments from multiple digital wallets. NPN’s N-play has multiple wallets such as Singtel Dash, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Grabpay, and most recently, Unionpay’s QR Payment.

06 Nov 2019

Self-Register Your Prepaid SIM Card with Singtel’s New EKYC SIM

Customers can now purchase a SIM card and do the registrations online, anytime of the day, in the comforts of their own home with the newly launched eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service. We are excited to announced that NPN will be Singtel’s e-commerce solution provider for their online e-commerce stores launch and store management services. Read on more to find out!

08 Aug 2019

New Retail New Experience – What is New Retail?

NPN, with over 10 years of experiences in retail technology businesses around Southeast Asia, we are confident that our understanding in new retail can help you and provide tailor-make retail solutions to each of our client’s unique needs for their business objectives. At NPN, we provide retail solutions for your retail digital transformation strategy to stay abreast of the competition. 

26 Jul 2019

Singtel Launches All Digital Contract Free Mobile Plan Targeted at Millennials

Singtel launched its first solely contract-free, all-digital mobile plan on Monday, 25 March, targeted at millennials and digital natives. Called Gomo, an acronym for Get Out More Often, the plan offers 20GB of mobile data and 200 minutes local talk-time for $20 a month. NPN is proud to have been Singtel’s sole online channel distributor since the launch of GOMO Travel and we will continue to provide you with more of Singtel’s offerings via convenient online channels.

06 May 2019

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