NPN Editor

We have mentioned this quite a few times and we are sure you have seen news articles related to this many times in recent times.

Our country is moving towards being a smart nation which accepts digital mobile payments. There has been a steady increase in the number of digital wallets/payment providers recently. The acceptance of more payment methods means your business can reach a wider group of customers, including tourists.

Our friendly neighboring countries such as China and Thailand (especially so in China) has seen a high adoption rate for digital payments and it has become a way of life for their people. Cash transactions are such a rarity in China these days, it is said the only people who ever transact in cash are tourists. Since it has become a way of life for these people, they will naturally be more drawn to businesses in Singapore which accepts payment methods which they are accustomed to back at home.

NPN has always prided itself in its ability to provide different solutions to aid the different needs businesses may have. We’ve heard from our retailers that one of their concern is the many different terminals they may need for the different types of digital payments as well as having multiple parties to settle with. NPN has the solution for this headache a retailer may have while also allowing them the flexibility to accept payments from multiple digital wallets. NPN’s N-play has multiple wallets such as Singtel Dash, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Grabpay, and most recently, Unionpay’s QR Payment.

Unionpay is one of the most popular choice for payments in China. Unionpay customers are able to pay easily with Unionpay’s QR payment even in Singapore. All it takes is a simple scan of QR code. Do not let slip this group of customers just because you do not accept this form of payment that the Chinese nationals are accustomed to. Contact NPN if you are interested to take on N-Play, our suite of digital payments all rolled in 1.

NPN, with over 10 years of experiences in retail technology businesses around Southeast Asia, we are confident that our understanding in new retail can help you and provide tailor-make retail solutions to each of our client’s unique needs for their business objectives. At NPN, we provide retail solutions for your retail digital transformation strategy to stay abreast of the competition. 

NPN is built on a vision to redefine retail by enabling seamless engagement between retailers, supplies and end users since 2009. NPN has built a retail ecosystem that blends digital products and services in a unified way that features the retailers, suppliers and end users at the center.

By harnessing the latest advancement of internet and technology, we have been benefiting our stakeholders and building up trust with our partners through our work and commitments over the years. Our consistency in our development and work ethics have resulted in the generous support by more than a thousand of retail outlets and reputable companies in Singapore.