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How Our Retail Solutions Can Help Offline Retailers

The physical retail space is an extremely competitive and increasingly challenging place to be in. Inspiring and retaining employees, overcoming the introduction of new e-commerce businesses and even managing the increasing expectations of consumers continues to put many companies out of business, and continues to challenge those that remain. The impact of global demand and supply chains due to COVID-19 increasingly adds to the uncertainty that retail businesses face in 2022.

Thankfully, our team at NPN has had a wide array of experience in providing Southeast Asian businesses with tailored solutions to their retail problems, such as through adopting retail technology. That’s why, our team has put together some solutions below if you’re a company looking to improve your operations and increase your customer base.

Smart POS Solutions

It’s no secret that to have a successful retail business, you need to have an effective sales system. Therefore, the hardware you choose is important. Sunmi’s point-of-sales (POS) machines, that our team provides in Singapore, is a great way to ensure your company is running smoothly and effectively.

Sunmi boasts a wide range of technologically advanced products including desktop POS, portable POS solutions, mobile POS machines with printers to cater to all your POS needs. In doing so, our team provides you with an array of smart solutions that definitely help to improve the purchasing experience for your customers. This POS system comes with automated stock updates, simplified billing systems, and prompt notifications to inform you of crucial data such as your best sellers, off-peak retail hours, and stock quantities that helps to make your job a whole lot easier.

Our team also provides you with additional software that helps you to sell digital products through the Sunmi smart devices. In doing so, this helps you to automate a significant portion of your operations, making your life easier, and helps you to reach a wider customer base in the process. With its simple configuration and the use of the Sunmi Partner Platform, you can efficiently set up & manage your POS systems. Utilising cloud configuration, special permission can be granted to access the system hassle-free when necessary.

Shift to new platforms easily with our IMDA certified team, meaning that we provide excellent support for your troubleshooting needs. Crucially, we also keep you informed of our extensive range of in-stock Sumni products whenever you need, and also take the steps to handle all the shipping and logistic requirements for you as one of Sunmi’s key POS distributors across Singapore. Professional support is also provided when you partner with NPN as we offer a free 1 year on-site support and 1-to-1 exchange service alongside the deployment or maintenance of all Sunmi devices. Online and offline customer assistance is also available should customers require them.

Digital Store

While offline retail has not changed much, the 21st century is seeing many people transition to digital platforms, with over 2 billion people purchasing something via e-commerce stores in 2020 alone. As such, as an offline retailer, it’s imperative that you introduce retail technology to your business, as it will certainly help you to diversify your sales channels and strengthen your consumer base.

Not sure how to? No problem. Our team can help you create a digital store using our N-Store Solution. NPN can help your business digitise products, introduce digital products through the installation of a smart device at your premises and integrate it into a smart POS device to be sold conveniently. This solution is also perfect for offline retailers looking to increase the variety of products offered in your store, without having to worry about constantly purchasing new stocks.

For your company, switching to digital products means that you don’t have to worry about the expiration dates of your products: you can sell whatever you want, whenever you want. The sky is the limit with the wide range of products we offer from e-vouchers and game credits to gift cards. For example, as one of Singtel’s wholesale prepaid card distributors, and one of Singapore’s most reliable wholesale phone card suppliers, our team can provide you with products that you can sell online, without worrying about when they expire. 

Grow Your Retail To The Next Level

Consistently striving to bring excellent retail technology to our customers, our team at Retail Tech NPN continues to dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for your retail needs. To learn more about our services, take a look at our other articles, or contact us today to get started on growing your business to the next level.