Role of Augmented Reality in Reshaping the Retail Industry

How Can Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Enhance Your Retail Business?

The COVID pandemic rocked the world in many aspects. Besides the health risks, we have also witnessed the rapid digital transformation of businesses as most retail businesses fought for survival by bringing their businesses online. This resulted in an irreversible change as the convenience of shopping online stays permanently. We strongly believe that the next level of digital transformation is in Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, where it has the potential to restore the glory of physical retail shoppers. Read in this article on how Augmented Reality (AR) Technology can help traditional offline retailers improve the retail experiences of consumers.

22 Jun 2022

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Teams Up With NPN To Digitize Campaigns Using Gift Card System

WMF Singapore had a Culinary Delights Promotion at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 15-27 April 2022, where customers get to enjoy an exclusive promotion. This event was a success with the collaboration of NPN’s cutting-edge gift card system. Working in conjunction with NPN, WMF has successfully digitized one of their many marketing events. Utilizing NPN’s gift card system, WMF was able to create unique and interactive promotions that enhanced the customer experience and brought added convenience to the events. Additionally, NPN’s gift card solution allowed for a high degree of customisation, giving WMF the ability to create any type of promotion they desired.

15 Jun 2022

Find Out Why Your Business Needs NPN’s Gift Card System

Digital gift cards have become the norm when it comes to virtual gift giving amidst the global pandemic, and the demand is expected to continue growing. If you’re looking to capitalise on this opportunity, now is the best time to do so. If you’re ready to work with NPN in helping you set up your gift card redemption system in Singapore, take the first step by contacting us today, or read our blogs to learn more about the other retail technology services that we provide!

04 May 2022

NPN Gift Card Redemption System Helps SPH Promote 2021 Black Friday Campaign

This coming Black Friday campaign, SPH has teamed up with NPN’s gift card redemption system to make it possible to offer gift vouchers through newspaper media. Digitalising this year marketing campaign. This departure from the traditional method of announcing a promotion in the paper and telling readers where to redeem it is more convenient for readers, as they can easily access the information and use the voucher at the specific retail stores mentioned in the terms and conditions. In addition, the gift card system allows SPH to track redemption rates and better assess the effectiveness of its promotions, making it a win-win situation for both SPH and its readers.

25 Nov 2021

Why Your Business Should Start Offering Gift Cards

We’ve all had this struggle. We want to give our loved ones a gift, but what should we get? Do we risk buying something that’s fallen out of favour or do we give a practical but “impersonal” gift of cash? Implementing gift cards for your business doesn’t require some crazy scheme. You can simply order the actual gift cards from a provider such as NPN.

07 Jun 2019

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