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We’ve all had this struggle.. We want to give our loved ones a gift, but what should we get? Do we risk buying something that’s fallen out of favour or do we give a practical but “impersonal” gift of cash?

There will always be that one wacky friend/family member giving people random gifts, but fortunately for everyone else, there’s a better option that will satisfy all parties: gift cards.

It’s time to save your customers from their family’s silly gifts. You can do that and stretch your bottom line and gain more customers at the same time with a retail gift card program.

It has been noticed that gift card purchases increased during holiday season in the United States and these numbers has even hit billions of dollar worth of sales. WOWWWW. The demand for gift cards is definitely there.. The research also showed a trend that each shopper bought an average of 3 gift cards during the holiday season, with an average value of $46 each. Now think about how good that would be for your business.

As you can see, there’s a definite interest among customers in purchasing and giving gift cards. So if you’re not offering a retail gift card program, you’re missing out on this great source of revenue.

Implementing gift cards for your business doesn’t require some crazy scheme. You can simply order the actual gift cards from a provider such as NPN. NPN can also provide you with a point-of-sale (POS) system for this redemption purpose or alternatively integrate it with your existing system. NPN’s system is able to help you generate codes which provides you with flexibility (you can choose if you like your gift cards to be digital like grab vouchers or physical, like google gift cards) All codes are trackable so you know just how well this business is doing for you. It is a seamless solution which is also cost efficient.

NPN can take even take things one step further by providing you with platforms to sell these gift cards online and offline on our many different touchpoints. Something no other gift card providers can do for you. One other thing to keep in mind here is that the cards double as a marketing tool for your business. As such, it’s a great idea to include your logo, business name and contact info and website on there. From the way we see it, there is definitely no harm in venturing into gift cards so delay no more and join in the game now! Contact us to find out more.

NPN, with over 10 years of experiences in retail technology businesses around Southeast Asia, we are confident that our understanding in new retail can help you and provide tailor-make retail solutions to each of our client’s unique needs for their business objectives. At NPN, we provide retail solutions for your retail digital transformation strategy to stay abreast of the competition. 

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