Apple Vision Pro: Exploring the Seamless Blend of AR and VR

After the initial excitement settles, it’s time to delve into the remarkable features of Apple Vision Pro eyewear and discover even more captivating details. Why is this product being hailed as revolutionary? Discover the groundbreaking features of Apple Vision Pro, the eyewear that redefines the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality. Seamlessly combining AR and VR capabilities, this revolutionary product empowers users to navigate between the real and virtual worlds like never before, thanks to advanced technologies such as 3D cameras, gesture recognition, and eye tracking.

08 Jun 2023

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Isn't Mainstream Yet

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Isn’t Mainstream Yet

Why hasn’t Augmented (AR) Technology become a mainstream despite decades of existence? One of the most trending forms of digital transformation in retail tech today, the Augmented Reality (AR) Technology is not a new concept but it had remained relatively less-ventured until Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ushered in the Metaverse concept by renaming Facebook to Meta in 2021. In this article, we seek to understand the difficulties faced and summarized our conclusion into the following 5 reasons. With the development of hardware and software technology, we foresee AR Technology to be the next level of digital transformation and will inevitably gain wider use in retail tech. Perhaps the much-anticipated Apple AR Glasses will be the next window of opportunity. To know more about how our digital transformation and retail tech solutions can help your business, visit us at

07 Jul 2022

Role of Augmented Reality in Reshaping the Retail Industry

How Can Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Enhance Your Retail Business?

The COVID pandemic rocked the world in many aspects. Besides the health risks, we have also witnessed the rapid digital transformation of businesses as most retail businesses fought for survival by bringing their businesses online. This resulted in an irreversible change as the convenience of shopping online stays permanently. We strongly believe that the next level of digital transformation is in Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, where it has the potential to restore the glory of physical retail shoppers. Read in this article on how Augmented Reality (AR) Technology can help traditional offline retailers improve the retail experiences of consumers.

22 Jun 2022

Sea Limited Stock Falling and Can It Rebound

Why Did Sea Limited Stock Drop – Is Shopee Ecommerce Not Working?

What is going on with Sea? Is the company losing steam as the world is trying to live with Covid-19? Has it lost confidence of investors, taking their money to greener pastures? Does that spell trouble for Shopee? E-commerce platforms have provided many benefits to the world, including increased Internet accessibility, ease of transaction, a wide variety of products and tailored offers. The lack of physical presence and interaction constraints also makes online shopping more desirable than ever for consumers. While e-commerce businesses are growing in number, the entire e-commerce sector is facing serious challenges due to inadequate investment, lack of unique business models and creative ideas. In this article, our NPN team explores the current perspectives and solutions e-commerce platforms can use to be successful.

10 May 2022

How The Metaverse Will Change Retail Experience

Is The Future Of Retail In Metaverse?

The Metaverse was unheard of for most people until few months ago. While the majority of the population is looking forward to what the Metaverse can offer, there are also controversial debates to how it can affect the society. Nevertheless, improving the link between the physical and virtual world is essential for a number of metaverse experiences, as retailers join the game. Join us in this article as we explore the 3 main levels of Metaverse and how retailers can use metaverse to enhance consumers’ shopping experience like never before.

11 Apr 2022

Can Retail Brands Benefit From NFTs and The Metaverse

Making the Way into Retail Innovation: Is NFT the Next Big Thing?

Non-fungible token, or NFTs as they are affectionately known, are making waves in the online arena today. Apart from being embraced by fashion and beauty industries around the world, they are also making a fast and furious entry into digital arts and physical stores. Looking to include the NFT environment as one of your brand’s new distribution channels, or simply want to be part of the metaverse demographic? An NFT marketplace may be your gateway to this latest phenomenon! Learn about NFTs and how it is changing the retail landscape today in our article!

17 Feb 2022

How to Choose The Right Strategy For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia: What Is The Right Approach?

With demand for retail offerings going increasingly online and international, and with the increasing numbers, payment methods, and complication of transactions across multiple channels and regions, the digital transformation of retail operations has become increasingly important for companies wishing to tap into this online ecosystem and stay efficient and cost-effective. What are the challenges, and given the complexities of the region’s challenges and needs, what might be the right approach to implementing digital transformation solutions?

19 Jan 2022

Recap on Consumer Behaviour and Trends Till Today

From Past to Present: New Developments in Consumer Behaviours and Trends

COVID-19 is changing how consumers behave across all spheres of life. Being in control over their lives, breaking out of their confines to explore, engage and embrace novel experiences in both the physical and virtual worlds – consumers today are looking to flexible public and private spaces/brands which can match their flexible lifestyles and inspire consumer purchases in times of uncertainty. Understand what is consumer culture, including how technology advances, shifts in consumer behaviour, shifts in consumer trends, consumer behaviour in marketing, consumer behaviour changes, consumer needs, and beliefs can inspire powerful insights that drive your business today!

17 Jan 2022

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