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Singtel launched its first solely contract-free, all-digital mobile plan on Monday, 25 March, targeted at millennials and digital natives. Called Gomo, an acronym for Get Out More Often, the plan offers 20GB of mobile data and 200 minutes local talk-time for $20 a month.

Customers sign up via the Gomo website and can get their SIM cards on the same day. A Gomo app handles all customer enquiries via a 24/7 live chat.

A Gomo travel SIM providing 3GB data over 10 days in countries like Australia, Malaysia and Thailand is also available at $20.

NPN is proud to have been Singtel’s sole online channel distributor since the launch of GOMO Travel and we will continue to provide you with more of Singtel’s offerings via convenient online channels.

Singtel is also offering Gomo customers exclusive dining offers such as 1-for-1 discounts at selected hipster restaurants and cafes.

“Gomo is for the segment of our customers who want to get things done easily and only want to interact with us digitally,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel Consumer Singapore’s chief executive officer.

“We already have our SIM-only plans which address the needs of people who only want data but not so much the needs of those who want an all-digital or lifestyle experience.”

SIM-only plans come without a subsidised handset and at a lower price than conventional mobile plans. Singtel has five existing SIM-only plans of which one is contract-free. It offers 3GB of data for $20 a month.

Singtel also announced that it will be offering one year free Amazon Prime membership to broadband and mobile customers who sign up for or re-contract their plans from March 26 to June 30.

Customers will get to access to Amazon Prime’s free two-hour delivery service, movies and drama series on Amazon Prime Video and video game streaming platform Twitch Prime.

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