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Gotta travel to China but worry about not being able to access the gram or stay connected with your friends on Whatsapp and telegram?

FRET NOT. Just purchase a China Travel SIM from NPN Travel store and insert the SIM card in your phone upon arriving in China and you’re all set!!! No troublesome VPN purchase or set up required.

You no longer have to worry about missing out on your friends’ IG story updates or updating you own IG stories. You can still navigate around town with google maps. We believe that’s a ton of hassle saved for you cos there’s no need to look for alternative apps to download just for your short trip. It’s business as usual on your mobile phone. And do you know what the best part is? These SIM cards are super affordable, and you can purchase them right here in Singapore on a platform you are familiar with before your trip. This means you can skip the queues and communication barriers and be connected right from the get-go.

So what say you? I say hell yea let’s go roam wisely with Wise Roam Travel Sim cards.

Psst.. we also have Japan, korea and Europe options available. Will share more about them soon ?

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