Artificial Intelligence – Your Business’ Game Changer

In this current post-pandemic landscape, it is no secret that the shift in consumer behaviour habits has been tremendous due to the whole new world of online shopping and the emergence of new retail formats. Is the business model of your brick-and-mortar retail store evolving fast enough to keep up with the needs of your customers who have grown used to the world of online shopping?

Do you know the answers to any of these?
How many customers stepped into your store today or yesterday?
Where in the store do customers linger on most and the least?
What were they most attracted to?
What are their browsing habits?
When is the best time to stock the shelves?
What is the best display format for your goods?
Who are the store regulars, and what are their purchasing patterns like?

For decades, the most successful brands had known this by heart- that foolproof marketing strategies are all about when and how to engage potential customers in their purchase decisions. This is why more than ever, now is the time for the retail sector to leverage the latest advancement in technology; even with the increased competition, opportunities to thrive, grow and expand will remain viable for them.

The million-dollar question is- If you manage or are the owner of a physical store, are you ready to thrive in this digital age by engaging your consumers on a new level using fresh channels, novel storytelling and innovative ways to cater to their needs?

Welcome to the front row seat to your store analytics

retail.AI is the leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solution that gives you complete visibility into your customers’ journey in all areas of retail business, from operations and marketing to optimization of customer profiles to enable accurate and worthwhile marketing insights.

The ingenuity of this system is derived from the best of deep domain expertise rooted in delivery excellence to build a seamlessly-connected digital world accessible to you as a business owner. Unlike data analytics software from the yesteryears, retail.AI is programmed to constantly take in new data, learn and anticipate customer behaviours- all according to new information that it continuously receives, which will ultimately give managers and business owners the power to be on their feet and more responsive to trending marketing demands

An artificial intelligence (AI) incorporated store can capture and leverage historical and real-time data, optimizing customer service levels by making intelligent data-driven decisions. This results in increased productivity, reduced operating costs and even enhanced staff satisfaction.

With the use of integrated and properly implemented technology on your side, you will be able to tailor your consumers’ personal shopping journey according to their unique preferences and needs, and create better marketing and pricing strategies, thereby ensuring the success of your business.

Let retail.AI level the playing field for you

Armed with more excellent capability than ever to innovate and transform customer shopping experiences and work experiences for employees, businesses can now look forward to building brand loyalty and deeper relationships with customers, delivering personalized experiences beyond traditional expectations.

No longer bound by traditional limitations of a brick-and-mortar shop, a customer-centric experience, consistently top-notch customer service, and highly targeted initiatives will become a reality because the store manager or business owner can now have:

-A deeper understanding of their customer’s concerns and requirements
-The opportunities to engage more precisely and effectively with their customers
-Be able to deliver on-target marketing solutions 
-Fingertip information on the type of help a customer requires
-Immediate access to detailed human traffic flow patterns in their store
-Swift access to their customers’ browsing and shopping patterns
-Levelled-up customer satisfaction levels
-Instant identification of high-spending customers
-In-depth analytics are required to provide highly-relevant content
-Increased sales opportunities and conversion rates

Data-driven Success

Imagine a world where data collected by retail.AI readily provides insights into retail space usage, footfall analytics, employee service behaviours and even shelving utilization in real-time.

With real-time customer flow traffic data and live location data at your fingertips, you can now access instant information about anything from dead spots in the store to high-traffic areas as well as the link between your store layout and sales, enabling you to map the paths to purchase more effectively for sales.

This collected information is collated and translated into data that store managers can use to make informed decisions regarding future planning of spaces. For example, they may decide to repurpose a particular area or introduce new initiatives to increase the usage of some sites.

And the result is a brand new experience for store managers, who can now look forward to increased productivity, enhanced customer experiences, maximized marketing mileage, increased profits and reduced operating costs.

If you are ready to embark on this new exciting journey of endless possibilities, connect with us. Let’s change the world together!