Singapore Expected to ‘Grow’ as Travel Measures are Lifted

The announcement of the latest easing of travel restrictions is a significant turning point in the economic recovery. For too long, businesses have been hamstrung by the restrictions, and many have been forced to close their doors for good. The lifting of the restrictions will allow firms to resume operations and restore their customer base. In addition, it will allow people to begin to travel again, which will provide a much-needed boost to the economy. The government’s decision to ease the restrictions is a welcome one, and it is hoped that it will lead to a speedy and sustainable recovery. 

In an address broadcast live on Thursday, the Prime Minister announced that they are simplifying our vaccination requirements for travelers and implementing a simplified Vaccinated Travel Framework to ensure a smooth entry into Singapore.

Learn How Technology Has Disrupted the Industry as the Economy Grows

The ease of travel restrictions has helped to fuel the e-commerce industry in recent years. With people being able to easily travel to different parts of the world, the industry has seen a significant rise in popularity. This is especially true as customers can pre-purchase overseas attractions tickets, overseas travel sim cards for communication, and a variety of other travel-related products with the ease of a few clicks before their travel.

Additionally, the industry has become more accessible to people thanks to the various technological advancements that have been made over the years. This has helped to make it easier for people to purchase items online, regardless of where they are located. As a result, the e-commerce industry is expected to continue growing in popularity in the years to come. Selling of travel related products such as travel attractions, activities from websites such as Klook, Lazada and Shopee which are popular among Singaporeans.

Singaporeans have always been known for their love of travel, and the lifting of travel restrictions has only served to fuel this passion.

What This Means for Local Players Looking to Tap into New Markets

The recent lifting of travel restrictions has been a boon for the tourism industry, with businesses in the sector enjoying a resurgence in fortunes. But what does this mean for Singapore players looking to tap into this growth market?

For one, it is now easier than ever for Singaporeans to sell travel-related products and services. With the ease of travel restrictions, business players can now explore new markets and promote their products to a wider audience. In addition, the rise in tourist arrivals is expected to lead to an increase in spending, providing opportunities for businesses to tap into this growth market.

All in all, the lifting of travel restrictions is a positive development for the tourism industry.

Attraction, Travel SIM Card, Just One Click Away

NPN, a retail technology solution company has begun efforts to build on this travel demand on e-commerce with ‘NPN Travel’ store on Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10. NPN Travel is a one-stop shop that meets the needs of travelers, whether they are looking for local or overseas attractions, or destination travel SIM cards. NPN is confident that our products and services are the best to offer on e-commerce platforms. We are committed to provide excellent service and value for money to its customers. With NPN Travel, customers can be assured of a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience.

When Retail Technology Meets E-Commerce Travel Demands

NPN with over 10 years of experiences in retail technology business around Southeast Asia, we are confident that our understanding in retail business and superb technological expertise help us meets the travel demands on e-commerce.

With months of in-depth market research and analysation, NPN Travel on e-commerce will be able to provide differentiated services from competitors. Offerings and services that considers the e-commerce audience needs.  

Here are how NPN do it with technology!

Custom Create Digitalise Promotions
Our technology allows us to create out of the box promotion strategies. Not limiting our customer to the standard promotions like others. We attract customers with creative promotions like digitizing promotions. That makes us able to bring offline and online retail together in a promotion.

Data Report & Analysis
Our technology gathers and compute data from NPN Travel to produce data reports beyond what e-commerce platform shares. Our team of experts analyses the data reports to provide insightful details to help take necessary corrections and improvements as the travelling customer and travel demands begins to make its recovery.

You Can Grow Your E-Commerce Business to The Next Level

Consistently striving to bring excellent retail technology to our customers, our team at NPN continues to dedicate ourselves to finding solutions for your retail needs. To learn more about our services, take a look at our e-commerce management solution, or contact us today to get started on growing your business to the next level.

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