Get The Front Row Seat To Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Analytics

The burdens a physical retailer has to bear are huge- from rent, utilities, staffing, storefront maintenance, footfall traffic, and layout to backspace for restocking, the list is undoubtedly long. Then there is the unpredictability of the retail market and having to constantly be braced for the following big change, whether the upcoming trend that might leave your brand in the dust or even another pandemic. 

For decades, the most successful brands had known this by heart- that foolproof marketing strategies are all about when and how to engage potential customers in their purchase decisions. This is why more than ever, now is the time for the retail sector to leverage the latest advancement in technology; even with the increased competition, opportunities to thrive, grow and expand will remain viable for them.

The million-dollar question is- If you manage or own a physical store, do you have a stellar proactive strategy that is able to engage your consumers on a brand new level using novel storytelling and innovative ways?

If you manage or own a physical store, the million-dollar questions in this case are: 1) what are the ‘hot areas’ in your store? 2) what is the duration that a typical customer spends at the promotional corner? 3) is your current window display able to attract more visitors than the last one? And so on. The answer to these questions will determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and help you plan for more effective future campaigns.

Today’s consumers have way higher expectations and more demanding needs than ever. As a result, they are counting on retailers to clearly understand their concerns and requirements, fingertip information and solutions when help is required, proactive service, and even personalized interactions.

In order to win their hearts and loyalty (and wallets), struggling retailers can only try to engage more precisely and effectively with their customers, hoping to deliver on-target marketing solutions- but how exactly?

Let NPN Level The Playing Field For You

Imagine a world where data collected by AI (artificial intelligence) readily provides insights into retail space usage, footfall analytics, employee service behaviours and even shelving utilization in real-time.

With real-time customer flow traffic data and live location data at your fingertips, you can now access instant information about anything from dead spots in the store to high-traffic areas as well as the link between your store layout and sales, enabling you to map the paths to purchase more effectively for sales.

This collected information is collated and translated into data that store managers can use to make informed decisions regarding the future planning of spaces. For example, they may decide to repurpose a particular area or introduce new initiatives to increase the usage of some sites.

And the result is a brand new experience for store managers, who can now look forward to increased productivity, enhanced customer experiences, maximized marketing mileage, increased profits and reduced operating costs.

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