Sea Limited Stock Falling and Can It Rebound

Why Did Sea Limited Stock Drop – Is Shopee Ecommerce Not Working?

What is going on with Sea? Is the company losing steam as the world is trying to live with Covid-19? Has it lost confidence of investors, taking their money to greener pastures? Does that spell trouble for Shopee? E-commerce platforms have provided many benefits to the world, including increased Internet accessibility, ease of transaction, a wide variety of products and tailored offers. The lack of physical presence and interaction constraints also makes online shopping more desirable than ever for consumers. While e-commerce businesses are growing in number, the entire e-commerce sector is facing serious challenges due to inadequate investment, lack of unique business models and creative ideas. In this article, our NPN team explores the current perspectives and solutions e-commerce platforms can use to be successful.

10 May 2022

Top Reasons Why NPN E-Commerce Management Solution Is The Best!

What Makes NPN’s E-commerce Management Solutions Better Than Other Companies

If you’ve been considering dipping your toe into the e-commerce business, or if you’re looking to enhance your current e-commerce store, then now’s the best time. However, with so many types of entries and solutions, it’s important that your company choose a reliable partner that can help propel your business to the top through experienced management solutions, such as those provided by our team at NPN. Continue scrolling to see why our team is a leading e-commerce service provider in Southeast Asia, and why we’re best suited to providing you with the solutions that you need!

18 Apr 2022

Should You Care About Social Commerce

Social Commerce: What is this Next E-commerce Trend

Purchase made on social media is social commerce. When you have social media marketing and social commerce together, it gives you better marketing and sales conversion. Besides, influencer marketing also commonly operates on social media. This wave of social commerce may put businesses in the situation where its systems and operations are not ready to take on another selling channel and should digital transformation be able to help them overcome these barriers.

03 Mar 2022

Ecommerce Success Story: Hear From NPN on Their Growth & Secrets

In an exclusive interview with Lazada, find out how NPN became one of the top e-commerce enablers in Singapore. Learn about our e-commerce strategy where we utilizes retail technology to help businesses and the e-commerce store management services that we offer to digitally transform your business to become the top seller on e-commerce marketplaces too.

02 Jun 2021

Ecommerce Store Managment Seller Service: NPN x Shopee

NPN Ecommerce Solution highly specializes retail technology that provides an e-commerce strategy that enable merchants to grow their businesses online hassle-free. Our marketing and technology powerhouses consistently drive sales and establishing new norms for online digital goods. Dominating the digital goods category on E-Commerce Marketplaces. Read on to find out more on what e-commerce store management services we can offer.

20 May 2021

Self-Register Your Prepaid SIM Card with Singtel’s New EKYC SIM

Customers can now purchase a SIM card and do the registrations online, anytime of the day, in the comforts of their own home with the newly launched eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service. We are excited to announced that NPN will be Singtel’s e-commerce solution provider for their online e-commerce stores launch and store management services. Read on more to find out!

08 Aug 2019

Singtel Now Available on Lazada Official Store

Singtel has very recently announced their presence on ecommerce platform, Lazada, making it their flagship e-commerce store. The first amongst its competitors to penetrate into Lazada.This provides customers the flexibility of making purchases 24/7 and making use extra perks provided by Lazada such as 15 days change of mind, interest free instalment plans and even rebates from sites or programs Lazada has teamed up with such as LiveUp and Shopback.

18 Jun 2019

The Leading E-Commerce Mobile Shopping Apps in Southeast Asia

In today’s rapidly growing e-commerce world, mobile applications play an important role. Based on a report by Google and Temasek, there are more than 350 million internet users in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesian, Thailand and Vietnam. NPN has recognised this growing market on ecommerce platforms and have acquired a wide range of products from different industries and brought them online, offering a wide assortment of products for customers’ different needs.

16 May 2019

Singtel Launches All Digital Contract Free Mobile Plan Targeted at Millennials

Singtel launched its first solely contract-free, all-digital mobile plan on Monday, 25 March, targeted at millennials and digital natives. Called Gomo, an acronym for Get Out More Often, the plan offers 20GB of mobile data and 200 minutes local talk-time for $20 a month. NPN is proud to have been Singtel’s sole online channel distributor since the launch of GOMO Travel and we will continue to provide you with more of Singtel’s offerings via convenient online channels.

06 May 2019

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