Replace Manpower

with Artificial Intelligence Visual Inspections

Reduce operating cost and improve work efficiency to build a more cost-effective retail operation.
Save 50% Headcount Cost at Only US$48/month!
Budget-friendly AI that can help you save more than half of your current business cost.
Reduce Operating Cost and Improve Efficiency
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Perform remote employee inspections
  • Check if employees are diligently working
  • Check if employees are executing the right tasks
Perform retail store inspections
  • Conduct store hygiene inspections (eg. Rats)
  • Conduct employees’ attire and safety regulations (eg. Masks, uniform, safety wear)
Perform irregularities inspections
  • Check for out-of-stock scenarios or replenishments
  • Check if products on shelves are placed correctly
- Additional benefits -
Build a Better Marketing Strategy with Shopper Behaviour Analytics
  • Evaluate your marketing campaign
  • Improve customer retention rate
  • Increase in-store conversions
  • Enhance customer shopping experience
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