Create a Customer-Centric Retail Strategy with Shopper Behaviour Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Multiply your revenue when you increase customer retention rate and create a better shopping experience for your customers.
At Just Only US$68/month, Achieve 78% of Customer Retention Rate!
Using AI to understand your retail customer better.
Grow Retention Rate and Customer Experience
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Obtain in-store customer behaviour insights
  • Last store visit
  • No. of visits up to date
  • Customer membership type
  • Top browsed/purchased in-store products
Identify different types of customers in-store
  • New customers
  • Repeat customers
  • High-value customers
  • High spending customers
Create targeted tasks for employees
  • Convert non-members into members
  • Increase new customers’ conversion rates
  • Increase repeat customers’ basket size
- Additional benefits -
Build a more Efficient & Cost-Effective Retail Operations with AI Visual Inspections
  • Reduce manual labour cost
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Enhance employee work performance
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