Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy with Customer Flow Artificial Intelligence Insights

With real-time AI video analytics, you can review and fix your
ongoing marketing campaign to achieve better results.
Providing Real-Time AI Data-Driven Insights at As Low As
Acquire, evaluate, and interpret in-store data in real time.
Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy
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Obtain Customer Flow Analytics
  • Passing-by customer count
  • Walk-in/out customer count
  • Length of stay of walk-in customer
  • Conversion/loss rate
Heatmap Analysis Insights
  • Identify hot and cold areas
  • Optimise store visuals and shelve layout
  • Optimise product and store layout
  • Improve customer engagement rate
- Additional benefits -
Build a more Efficient & Cost-Effective Retail Operations with AI Visual Inspections
  • Reduce manual labour cost
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Enhance employee work performance
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